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Sombre Autumn.

We often attempt to find new sources of solace whilst lost in life. Whether they take a more physical approach, as a quiet room or personal fort; or if it occupies your mind through listening to that one album on repeat, or watching that movie for the fifth time this week; I think we go through periods of our life where we need our minds occupied, to get things together–to put everything into perspective–ultimately to sort our shit out.

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Pointless Paragraphs.

I really cannot be bothered to write anything. However I am forcing myself because “writing once a day is a good thing”, apparently. Lots of things are happening, all of which are extremely exciting and get me immensely hyped for the future; but I cannot let myself get swept up in the prospects of my life, lest I lose sight and fail miserably.

Brain: sort yourself out. Get writing. Do something productive; or, at least, something fucking entertaining.