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A Friend in Need: Depression. The Daily Prompt. July 25th.

Friends that stick with you throughout your life, through thick and thin, are unique and special. My two best friends have been putting up with me for almost fifteen years. God.. That is a long time.

We have watched each other grow up and have sculpted each other’s personalities. I would not be one iota of the person that I am today if it wasn’t for the good hearts and ingenuity of these individuals.
Unfortunately life has its fantastic ways of making things complicated and scary.

My friend started suffering with Depression sometime in 2010.

At first I didn’t notice. Sure, we started talking less, but I had just moved to another college; so we were both trying to fit into new crowds, on top of the new level of education we had to dive into.
All of a sudden I started hearing whispers that he had dropped out of school.

The most strong willed person I know, the man whom had dreams larger than life, quit school?

I went to visit him the first chance that I had. It was then that he told me he was suffering from Depression; and had been for a few months now. Obviously I felt fucking horrible that I hadn’t noticed, but people with mental illness look exactly the same as you or I. There are no tell-tale signs. And being the strong person that he is: he didn’t want to ‘bother’ me with it.

My friend had a rough time while he was depressed. It was extremely hard on us all, and he will never truly be over it. However I can happily confirm that today he is a lot better, and his life is going in the direction that he wants it to.

Anyone can suffer from Depression. Your closest ally might not want to approach you, so be a good friend and sit down with them. Ask them how their day was. Ask how they are doing with everything right now.

It could save a life; Or even just make their day that bit easier.