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Street Fighter V is Exclusive to the PS4

(And PC..)

After Street Fighter V leaked last week, Sony confirmed at the ‘Playstation Experience’ held in Vegas that the legendary brawler will be a console exclusive for the PS4. It has also since been announced that the PS4 and PC versions will work in tandem to allow players to go up against each other across both platforms.

What does this mean for Sony?
Well, this means that at any-and-all Street Fighter tournaments that take place in the future that include Street Fighter V will have to be hosted on PS4s, rather than the usual favourite, the Xbox 360. This could also potentially–although I would not hold my breath–lead to fight-sticks being manufactured for the PS4.
These factors combined may cement Sony’s exclusivity for the foreseeable future; until, at least, Microsoft pull something big out of the bag.



Five days with The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online has met a lot of controversy since it’s initial announcement; the £40/$60 price tag paired with the £8.99/$14.99 monthly subscription fee in particular rubbed long time Elder Scrolls fans the wrong way, and even though Bethesda have been aiming for a genuine Elder Scrolls experience, long time fans of the series have worried about the final quality of the game, and whether longevity is viable in an Elder Scrolls MMO.

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